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Visitors Etiquette


Enjoying Nestldown

Out of respect for our site, team and the host of your event, please be respectful of the rules and etiquette listed below to avoid unnecessary charges to the host.

Some rules are by our decision; however, many are requirements of our County Operational Permit. We thank you in advance for respecting these rules, our site, our customers’ investment and our team.

We are pleased to share our beautiful property with you, and we hope you enjoy your time here as an invited guest or as a participant in a booked tour. Please keep a few things in mind as you explore:

  • Stay on the walking paths
  • If liquor is being provided at the event, no shots, neat pours or on the rocks. Please manage your consumption in a way that allows for a clean event and safe departure (ie. no vomiting {biohazard], no flask, outside alcohol or trunk bars, etc.). Do not take alcohol from behind the bar. If any of these ensue, there will be a fine taken from the Customer’s Security Deposit.
  • All smoking must be contained in the designated smoking area across from the Barn, including cigarettes, cannabis, vapes, etc. (the parking lot is not a smoking area). Especially given the current drought and Wildfires, we take this very seriously and there will be deductions from the Customer’s security deposit and/or you may be asked to leave property.
  • Berating, yelling, becoming physical with, using expletives towards or about the Nestldown team at events will result in a violation of the Civility Clause in the Customer’s Contract and a charge – you may also be asked to leave. If you are not part of an event, you will be asked to leave immediately. Please show us the Respect you expect as our team works to ensure you have a great visit.
  • Wear comfortable shoes walking outside. Flats or low heeled shoes recommended (wear 3″ heels or higher and you may regret it!)
  • Avoid treading on plants or grasses (other than on the Main Lawn and Foxglove Meadow)
  • Parents are responsible to be with and supervising their children at all times, supervising for safety and to protect the integrity of the site
  • Please do not pick flowers, fruit, cross blocked-off areas or walk off the pathways
  • Please don’t empty your drinks unless into your mouth or into a designated trash can. 
  • Only service animals are permitted. Wedding couples may bring their animal with event contract and manager approval
  • Dress in or bring layers of clothing. Even the hottest of days can transition to a very cold night
  • Use our location map! Please. The internet versions will get you here (probably), but not in the easiest way.

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